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Sat June 4 at 12noon

CNGK Brown and Black belts only 


About Belt Tests

Karate is an art that promotes continuous learning.  We use different coloured belts to measure milestones in a student's training. 

Belt testing is an important part of goal setting and progression to the next level of learning. Students are strongly encouraged to attend at least one formal grading per year, but grading is not mandatory.  Opportunities for grading will be presented to each student when the minimum in-class requirements have been met.


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2015 Black Belt Grading

December 5, Arthur Goju Karate Dojo

Congratulations to the 5 students who successfully graded to their next level.

  • Amanda McAlpine, Nidan, Tri-City Training
  • Ed Charlton, Shodan, Arthur Karate Dojo
  • Jesse Vella, Shodan, Purdy Centre for the Arts
  • Calen Ancheta, Shodan, Purdy Centre for the Arts
  • Max Bailey, Shodan-ho, Tri-City Training
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Martial Arts With My Daughter

It has been said that as we try to “teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” I enrolled my daughter in Martial Arts with me - karate and judo -- with the hope that she might experience many of the incredible life-changing benefits that I have experienced in the disciplines and despite challenges along the way, it has been amazing for both of us.

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Beginner Programs

Programs available for all ages and abilities. Ask about TWO WEEKS FREE for new students. 


Certified Instructors

Our instructors are leaders in the art of Goju Karate.  Only CNGK Certified Black Belts with a clean background check who complete 5 years of training may qualify for an Instructors Certificate.

Advanced programs

Some of our students have been training for so long they've become instructors!  Our unique curriculum is based on Kyoshi J Purdy's 50 years of experience.  Learn traditional karate skills from dedicated professionals.

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