Head Instructor's Welcome,

Welcome to Canadian Naha Te Goju Karate.  We are an organization of Canadian Karate Schools dedicated to helping people improve their lives through traditional martial arts training.

Each of our six campuses has qualified and certified instructors offering expert martial arts instruction to practitioners of all ages and ranks.  Our classes require no previous experience and we welcome students of all ages and abilities.  Our instructors are leaders in the art of Goju Karate.  Only CNGK Certified Black Belts with a clean background check who complete 5 years of training may qualify for an Instructors Certificate.  Karate, if given dedicated and serious place of consideration in a practitioner's life, can offer extraordinary physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Begin your training today and experience the positive impact of your training!


​​Hanshi J Purdy
​Head Instructor

Chief Adjudcator, CNGK

Our Philosophy

We are an organization of karate schools dedicated to helping people improve their lives through traditional Goju Karate training. Our curriculum was developed by Kyoshi J Purdy, one of Canada's longest training Goju practitioners.  With dedication and time, students can experience lasting positive impact.

Our History

Some of our students have been training for so long they've become instructors!  Our unique curriculum is based on Hanshi J Purdy's 50+ years of experience.  Learn traditional karate skills from dedicated professionals.

Association Schools

Kyoshi Mike Robertson

Elmira Karate Dojo (Elmira, ON)

Renshi Barbara Lamble

Elora Karate Dojo (Elora, ON)

Sensei Christina Graf-Curtis

Mapleton Martial Arts (Drayton, ON)

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Sensei Blair Purdy

Purdy Center for the Arts (King City, ON)

Purdy Center for the Arts (Beaches, Toronto, ON)

Renshi Keith Harris

Arthur Karate Dojo (Arthur, ON)

Tri-City Training (Guelph, ON)

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