Arthur Karate Dojo Celebrates 20 Years!

Karate students and community members came together to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Arthur Karate Dojo on Saturday, May 6th, 2017. Sensei Keith Harris presented an exhibition of karate demonstrations displayed by his past and present students, as well as by CNGK associate students.

The presenters showed a progression of katas that included beginner and advanced forms. Two-person katas were also demonstrated by several black belt students and instructors. Kobudo (weapons), bunkai (application of kata), and a variety of kumite styles were also presented. An Arthur "demonstration" would not be complete without the breaking of boards and cement blocks - and a fine display of technique it certainly was!

Several speeches were made including recognition by Kyoshi Jay Purdy, head of CNGK. He talked about how karate can benefit a person both physically and mentally and he spoke highly of those who have made karate a lifetime study, recognizing the importance of the 20th year milestone. Sensei Keith also welcomed his very first black belts from many years ago; he was proud to announce he has graduated 15 students to the rank of Shodan and several to Nidan as well.

It was wonderful to see karate students of all ages and ranks participate in such a wonderful celebration. CNGK members would like to extend a huge congratulations on such a fine accomplishment! All the best as you continue your karate journey!

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