C.N.G.K. Family Camp a Huge Success

Families representing six dojos participated in the Canadian Naha Te Goju Karate Family Camp this past weekend, July 28-30 at the Guelph Lake Island. It was a wonderful time of training, food, fellowship, fun and entertainment. Participants relaxed around the campfire enjoying the incredible musical talents of many... some pieces were accompanied by Kyoshi Jay's amazing trumpet or percussion... others joined in with guitar, singing, and lots of toe-tapping. The evening was completed with some roasting of marshmallows, glow sticks, and night games for the kids; it was absolute fun!

Training on Saturday included sessions with many of the Dojo Head Instructors including the following: Mike Robertson (Tai Chi), Kyoshi J Purdy (kata), Tom Cako (Bunkai), Keith Harris (Kobudo), and Blair Purdy (Kumite). Sensei Christina also led activities for the kids following their training. It was such a great opportunity to experience the skills that each Instructor brought to the sessions. Many participants commented on how wonderful it was to participate in the variety of quality training sessions. It was truly a fantastic experience.

The family BBQ was also a huge success... it was a wonderful feast with fantastic fellowship of new friends and old. The food was delicious. the weather was perfect, and the company outstanding! The generosity, kindness, and connection of the family community was heart-warming.

The CNGK family camping weekend is always a fantastic opportunity for growth and learning and training, but it is also a time of fellowship and community where there is potential to experience important connection to something significant beyond ourselves.

On behalf of all the participants of the camp, we would like to extend a huge thank-you to Kyoshi J Purdy, host of the Family Campout, and founder and director of C.N.G.K. Because of his dedication to the "Art" and his students - we all have opportunity to train and experience the many benefits of Martial Arts and being a part of such a wonderful collection of schools, the Canadian, Naha Te Goju Karate association. Thank-you for your generosity, your dedication, your example, and your many years of service and teaching.

Thank-you Kyoshi J. Purdy and C.N.G.K. for sponsoring the Family Camp - it was a huge success! If you didn't make it out -- you won't want to miss next year!

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