CNGK Family Camp 2018

This past weekend (August 10-12), karate families representing six C.N.G.K. dojos enjoyed a tremendous time of training, relaxing, music, connecting, and community as they camped at Guelph Lake Conservation area for the annual karate family camp.

Friday's celebrations included amazing musical performances at the campfire with lots of laughs and fantastic entertainment. The kids enjoyed an outdoor movie and glow stix fun.

Saturday's training included instruction in the following areas:

Tai Chi (presented by Renshi Mike Robertson)

Goju Kata (presented by Kyoshi J Purdy)

Stretching & Flexibility (presented by Renshi Tom Cako and Sensei Christina Curtis)

Advanced Weapons (presented by Sensei Keith Harris)

Sparring (presented by Sensei Blair Purdy)

and kids activities (presented by Sensei Christina Curtis and Sensei Amanda McAlpine)

The family BBQ was also a hilight of the weekend with friends contributing delicious food and Kyoshi Purdy as always, hosting a magnificent feast. It was a wonderful time of fun and fellowship.

The family camp, sponsored by CNGK, provided a wonderful opportunity to enjoy old and new friendships; learn concepts in training that are transferable and applicable for all experience levels; and enjoy a time of relaxation and fun. Special thanks to all who participated and attended! It was truly a wonderful experience!

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