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CNGK Championships: Competition Rules

Please note: This is a non-contact tournament. Participants are expected to demonstrate self-control and respect at all times. Please review and respect these rules to ensure a safe and fun competition for all. In all cases, the decision of the centre judge is final.


  1. Competitors are expected to introduce themselves to the judges when they are called into the ring. They should include their name, their dojo name and the name of the kata that they have prepared. Goju Kata only.

  2. Marks will be awarded on a scale of 1 to 10. Judges will deliver two sets of marks: the first set indicates the whole number portion of the mark; the second set indicates the decimal portion. For example, if a judge shows the first mark as “7” and the second mark as “5”, then the total mark is 7.5 out of 10.

  3. Individual expressions of kata are accepted. Participants will not be penalized for differences in teaching from the various schools’ interpretations of goju-ryu kata.

  4. Marks will be awarded for technical skill, expression of energy (kimé) and the student's understanding of the kata concepts. Marks will be deducted for inconsistency in technique, poor understanding of the concepts expected for the student’s age/rank and lack of preparation.

  5. In the case of a tie, the judge will ask the student to perform a second time. It is up to the centre judge’s discretion whether a new kata must be performed, or whether the same kata is acceptable.



  1. Kyu Belts must get 3 points to win a match. Black Belts must get 5 points to win a match. Eliminations are final, with “wild-card” opportunities drawn at random from the previous round of losers, if the round has an odd number of participants.

  2. Points will be awarded for strikes to valid target areas that are not redirected by the opponent’s block. The technique must be emphasized with an audible kiai. If the blocker makes contact to the strike, but does not redirect it, the judge may still award the point.

  3. Light, incidental contact to the body is permitted, but contact is not necessary to get a point.

  4. Head contact is prohibited and will result in immediate disqualification from the match. Participants may

    deliver controlled techniques to the head area, but must not contact the head, neck or throat.

  5. Controlled take-downs and sweeps to the front leg are permitted but do not count as a point. Kicking an

    opponent who is on the ground is not allowed, only hand strikes will be awarded a point in this


  6. Strikes directed to the neck, spine or below the belt are not permitted, even if no contact occurs. The

    first incident will result in a warning; the second incident will result in disqualification from the match.


The centre judge has the right to expel any student who demonstrates intent to injure or shows poor sporting behavior. The centre judge has final say in all matters. Protective gear is permitted, but not required.

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